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Spacey Racer Track

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Spacey living is a company based around kids play and clever storage solutions. So when the opportunity came up to design a shelf that could act as a toy as well as a place to display all your precious toy cars DAM jumped at the chance.

The Design.

Working with cardboard and tape we made many prototypes to get the right amount of flow both aesthetically and speed wise for the ultimate toy car jump. We then had our in-house testers to vigorously put the track through its motions. It turned out to be a hit!


Then using local manufacturers we worked through the concept, provided the template to realise the final design in stunning see-through plastic. A real eye catcher in any home...The Spacey Racer Track was ready to race and all made right here in Aotearoa.

NZ made and designed

Damcreative Proud to bring local designs to the market place available at #spaceyliving #nzmade #buylocal

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1 Comment

Apr 05

Such a cool design! Is there any way to get hold of these awesome tracks or someone who can make one as a one off? We were on the waitlist for one when their business closed!

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