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A respected sports brand amongst the adventure racing community, dirtyd was first created to provide sporting gear for New Zealand Orienteering but quickly grew to become a sought after brand across Australasia.  dirtyd fans are some of the craziest humans on the planet, and run the world on their quest for never ending adventure. Designed to get dirty!


identity, branding, print, sportswear design and manufacture




Full branding and identity.


The '.d' and dirtyd red is on the piptag of every sleeve identifying the brand from a distance and stamping its mark.

For the adventure race who is 'designed to get dirty'.


All clothing designs including brand identity for new clubs or refresh for existing. Working with sporting organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand, the little red tag is a regular sight in the Parks of Melbourne and Sydney, and across AUS and NZ


Management of manufacturing for all dirtyd clothing, with all clothing made in New Zealand. Supporting local business and helping to support an industry


Creation and management of online brand presence.

Who Orienteering before design
Who Orienteering after design



Branding Clubs

Dam goes the extra mile to create brand identities for Clubs that resonate with the young and old.

We colour match, refresh and design from scratch.

Worn with pride, members have a strong loyalty to their club and how they represent themselves. dirtyd doesn't let them down.

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