pukininny oil

A far North of New Zealand family going out on a limb.

We were there to help them realise a dream.


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Pikininny Oil

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Now retired, a car dealership owner went on a holiday to the Far North of New Zealand. He fell in love with the idea of the simple life on a Olive Grove, and as one happened to be for sale, half a year later they made the move.

The brief was simple.

The Olive farmers wanted a brand that encompassed a personal family feel. The oil high quality and cold pressed so the brand had to reflect this. 

The design became a beautifully simplistic family tree with all the names of their children and grand children following the olive branches.

So come harvest time the family , cousins and friends gather together to pick, sort, press, then eat and drink till late in the night. 


Pukininny - not just any old olive oil.

Pukininny Olive Oil

Pukininny Olives is a boutique olive grove situated in sunny Mangonui in the Far North. It's an area well known for the growing and production of high quality olive oils. Pukininny is a family business that prides themselves on growing healthy trees in order to produce high quality oil.


Pukininny Olives grow three varieties:





Most customers ask: "what's with the name?" or "what does your name mean?". Well, when grandson No 1 started to talk he called grandad Keith 'Puki' and the name has stuck. When grandson No 2 started talking he call Grandma Barb 'Ninny'. That name also stuck, so we decided that Pukininny Olives had to be the name of our grove. Although unusual, we love it.......