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from scratch....a new startup kids store.

brand Identity


social assets and marketing

Product design and manufacture

- include a racer track shelf,

Hopscotch/Picnic playmat,

bedheads and bunny mirrors.


Indentity, Print, Digital, Web & Social media

Industrial design



clean modern lines with Scandinavian cues.


the brand targets clever play and storage solutions for modern busy mums and dads. 

focus on locally made with sustainable values.

logo is made up using a nice clean font with the letter A symbolising a child's play hut or rocket ship


fonts and colour pallets chosen reflect a relaxed playfulness, the perfect connection to the products inside.

Storage & Design for Living

e-commerce website.

Social: Instagram and Facebook.

Web & Mobile

Spacey Headboard Bed
Creative and Playful Racer Track

SPACEY Race Track Shelf

Designed to create fun and storage all in one.

We dreamed up the Racer Track using cardboard and tape (with vigorous in-house kids testing) to make prototypes for production in Plastic in West Auckland, New Zealand.

And is now they're for sale on the spaceyliving website.


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